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0353-2545622  |  99334 02478

Started in 2019 Salesian College Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC’s) aims  to be the leader in enabling and facilitating entrepreneurs, support the sparks of budding entrepreneurs and manifesting the spirit and energy of young students from ideation to start-up and finally to establishment and scaling up with integrity and sustainability through constant guidance and mentoring through various programs and schemes. The Cell helps our students to acquire skills and necessary capabilities to play the role of an entrepreneur effectively. Entrepreneurship Development Programmes are being organized regularly to nurture the talent of youth by enlightening them on various aspects of industrial activity required for setting up MSEs. The cell promotes the spirit of Entrepreneurship in the young minds of students and makes them equipped to face the challenges which they would encounter in their Entrepreneurial journey.


To manifest leadership spirit and promote entrepreneurship culture among the students, along with fostering their ideas to become successful start-ups and also generate ample opportunities to keep the spark of innovation alive.


(Innovation – knowledge- growth)


1. To promote entrepreneurship across different departments of
2. To avail guidance about entrepreneurial aspects through in-house and guestfacilities.
3. To create a network of enthusiastic entrepreneurs in the college via active participation andexposure.
4. To form liaison with external organizations and agencies in order to support student’s ideas and provide internship opportunities.


1. It will act as a networking platform for the students to interact and get professional mentorship fromsuccessful individual of
2. It will provide the students with an opportunity to develop socially and economically while learning to becomeself-reliant.

It will invest entrepreneurial values among students in order to develop knowledgeable and technological entrepreneurs.

Mr. AnirbanGhosh

Mr. Chandan Gupta CS

Ms. Priyanka Shaw

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Sandeep Agarwal

Parag Verma

Abhinav Agarwal

Rajil Kr. Singhal

Sagar Agarwal

Subham Guha