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This course covers various dimensions and importance of effective personality. This course has been specially designed to help understanding about various personality traits and making students aware of the various dynamics of personality development.

This course aims to provide information about the significance about various skills in personality development which help to promote interpersonal communication thereby facilitating all round development of personality.

Personality Development course is especially helpful for those who are striving to learn more about who they are, which direction their life should take, to learn more about others around them.

1. Introduction to Personality and working towards developing it

a. Conceptual ideas on Personality
b. Knowing about one’s strengths and weaknesses
c. Appropriate Body Language
d. Time Management in everyday life
e. Creativity and its importance in daily life

2. Techniques in Personality Development

Communication Skills

a. Leadership and Organising Skills
b. Building Self Esteem and self Confidence
c. Attitude and its proper management
d. Interpersonal Relationships and Group Dynamics

3. Practical

Regular monitoring of applying of the above concepts in promoting development of self and improving the overall campus culture.