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0353-2545622  |  99334 02478

The Salesian College Commerce Association (SCCA)is formed for all commerce students who enroll in the Commerce Department and by means of this group they learn the rules of commercial activities in a simulated environment. The association plays an important role in making the department a front runner, in and out of the college.


Providing a platform for the students to exhibit their talents in various commerce oriented events and help them to enhance their analytical and decision making skills. The events which we offer will extend a platform to grasp team work, critical thinking, and creative learning and also to build self-confidence.


Focus on the physical, spiritual, intellectual, moral, and aesthetic power of students to transform them into intellectually trained, morally upright, socially committed and spiritual and emotionally balanced.


1. To bring about an overall development in the outlook of its members by imparting the necessary skills
2. To enable students to develop “off the Skills expected commerce Graduates
3. To channel the vision and mission of students towards lucrative career opportunity
4. To develop a harmonious relationship with the fellow students of other colleges by way of participating in the activities and competitions held in other campus.
5. To act as catalyst in the process of overall development of students.
6. To expose students to the practical aspects of business, industry and commerce.
7. To develop team spirit among students
8. To develop leadership, entrepreneurial and organising skills among the students
9. To provide career guidance & helps students to achieve their goals
10. To provide necessary information about recent trends in commerce & management
11. To organise guest lectures, seminars, experts talk, academic events for students.
12. To organise industrial visit, field visits for students to get practical knowledge about business world


1. Fresher’s Welcome.
2. Group Discussion/ Debating/ Elocution on contemporary issue.
3. Guest Lectures.
4. Career Guidance.
5. Management and Business Quiz.
6. Industrial Visits.
7. Conoscensa- Commerce fest
8. Wall paper on the contemporary issue.
9. Savo faire
10. Salesian Premier League
11. Faculty Appreciation.
12. Gratitude day

Mr. Surendra Kr. Saha

Mr. Lt Risha Chettri

Mr. Prasenjit Bhowmick

Ms. Gunjan Agarwal

Ms. Tanisha Kansal