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The President of Governing Body

Respected Fr Principal, Dr George Thadathil, Members of the faculty (old and new), and my dear students and parents,

It is my joy to address you as you begin the new AcademicYear. It was a pleasure for me to be present for the second day of the faculty orientation programme and to say a few words before you began your interactions. The faculty members are all well-equipped to begin this new session.

My dear Parents, Faculty members and students: You are at Salesian College. The word that characterizes our college is “Salesian” means Don Bosco. This year on 16 August we celebrated the 205th birth anniversary of this great teacher and friend of youth.  He was a great teacher because he dedicated his entire life to make young people true believers and honest citizens. Keeping this aim, we at Salesian College are committed to make a harmonious development of your time, talent and resources.

The college emblem has the words: “FlammaArdes et Lucens” - A flame that enlivens and enlightens. It is this flame that the members of the faculty want to spark in you. There is a goodness in every person that you meet. It is enough to discover that and it will make a difference. This little light will light up other lights and dispel darkness. This will bring about a change in your life, in your college, in the society and the world at large.

I wish and pray that the new faculty members, parents and students together will strive to keep the motto of the college high and make all efforts to make it shine every day and everywhere in our lives. God bless you all.

Fr Dr Joseph Pauria SDB
President, Founder Body of Salesian College

The Rector (Siliguri Campus) and Principal

Welcome to Salesian. Welcome to pursue  Art and AreteArt, originally a Latin word, meant in the earlier centuries of its usage 'the ability to make an artifact'; the skill to do painting or sculpture or dance and got extended to mean developing any of your skills. Arete is a Greek word in its origin and means Excellence or Quality. Arete, as quality and excellence is the essence of the Universe, and it is a potential in You.

Congratulations on embarking on this Journey in Salesian. Enjoy what you Do. Perfect What you Do. Be the Spark of Quality. A Flame that Enlightens and Enlivens!

Yours truly

Fr. (Prof.) George Thadathil SDB
Rector (Siliguri Campus) & Principal
Salesian College, Sonada-Siliguri

The Rector (Sonada Campus)

Dear Students, Parents and Members of the Faculty

Welcome and Welcome back to Salesian College Sonada and Siliguri!
Dear freshers, Congratulations, on becoming a Salesian! Hearty welcome! I am sure you will find in Salesian college a home and school rolled into one. Enjoy the scope, enthusiasm, energy and expertise of a worldwide network of Salesian HEIs.

Dear Parents and guardians, welcome to the Salesian family. Thank you for choosing Salesian to form your wards to be competent and responsible citizens of our country. We deeply appreciate the trust you have placed in us and we look forward to engaging you in collaborative partnership. Dear new members of the faculty, a warm and cordial welcome to you all. You are entering an academically enriching and challenging campus. I am sure you will grow personally and professionally as you work with us. Wish you a long and fruitful stint at Salesian!

Dear others, I’m glad to see you back on campus, safe and sound. Let me extend my sincere appreciation for the dedication and hard work you put in to keep the college going online during the pandemic. May this year prove fruitful and fulfilling in every way. We are about to embark on a new academic session albeit with some anxiety and uncertainty about what lies in store for us. We may have many questions about the future in our minds. How long is the current Covid situation going to last? How longer can I stay inside and stay safe? What would be the impact of Covid on education and employment? How long can we hold out against the Covid caused financial downturn? It is natural and human that these questions keep assailing us. Remaining in the grip of anxiety is no solution at all. Hope needs to be kept alive. The first two lines of a song in Malayalam caught my attention, “oru mazhayum toratriunnittilla, oru kaattum anayatirunnittilla" (no rain has not ceased; no storm has not subsided). There is reason to believe that life is changed but not ended. Let the hope for a better tomorrow prompt us to take reasonable risks to explore new avenues and possibilities, and reinvent strategies to cope with Covid.

It is at the take-off that an aircraft needs most amount of fuel and the crew needs to be most attentive. Now we are at the point of an academic take-off. Just as the crew pays great attention to the comfort, safety and security of the aircraft and the passengers, we need to pay great attention to make everyone on board comfortable, respected and valued. Similarly, we need to put in our best energies and resources for a perfect take-off. Then we can ensure a safe flight no matter what turbulence we may encounter en route. Wish you a pleasant flight with Salesian!

Finally, I thank God for the graces He has bestowed on us and for keeping us safe during the pandemic. I commend all of you to His providence and protection. Let us put our best foot forward to make our Salesian experience a memorable and profitable one.

Fr (Dr.) Tomy Augustine, sdb
Salesian College Sonada

College Administration


Fr. (Dr.) Angel Fernandez Artime SDB
Rector Major
Salesians of Don Bosco


Fr. (Dr.) Joseph Pauria SDB
Founder Body of Salesian College


Fr. (Prof.) George Thadathil SDB
Salesian College Siliguri Campus

Fr. (Dr.) Tomy Augustine SDB
Salesian College Sonada.


Fr. (Dr.) George Thadathil SDB
Salesian College

Vice Principals


Br. Augustin Joseph SDB
Salesian College Sonada


Fr. (Dr.) George Chempakathinal SDB
(Humanities & Arts)

Fr. (Dr.) Babu Joseph SDB
(Commerce, Management and Vocational)

Fr. Aju Kurian SDB
(Science & IQAC Coordinator, SCSC)


Fr. Jagjivan Tirkey SDB
Salesian College Sonada

Fr. (Dr.) George Chempakathinal SDB
Salesian College Siliguri Campus

Campus Ministers

Fr. C.M. Paul SDB
Salesian College Sonada

Fr. (Dr.) Babu Joseph SDB
Salesian College Siliguri Campus


Dr. Terence Mukhia
Arts & Humanities
Salesian College Sonada

Mr. Uday Mall
B.Voc, B.Com, BCA
Salesian College Sonada

Mr. Peter Lepcha
Arts & Humanities
Salesian College Siliguri Campus

Mr. Patrick Johnson
Commerce & Management
Salesian College Siliguri Campus

Mr. Dhirodatta Subba
Salesian College Siliguri Campus

Dr. Gunjeet Aurora Mehta
Post Graduation
Salesian College Siliguri Campus

Academic Council

Principal, Rectors, Vice Principals
Registrar, Deans, Campus Co-ordinators, HoDs

Campus Co-ordinators

Ms. Sradha Pradhan
Salesian College Sonada

Mr. Dhirendra Newar
Salesian College Sonada

Ms. Tshering Dolma Sherpa
Salesian College Sonada

Ms. Prayana Subba
Salesian College Sonada

Mr. Pawan Rai
Salesian College Sonada

Mr. Anirban Ghosh
Salesian College Siliguri Campus

Ms. Ganga Parajuli
Salesian College Siliguri Campus

Mr. Chandan Gupta
Salesian College Siliguri Campus

Ms. Yadika Prasad
Salesian College Siliguri Campus