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The mission of The Salesian College Association of Professionals (SCAP) is to make business management students professionals—similar to law, medicine, engineering, and accounting—with Certifications, Continuing Education, Ethical Grooming, and Professional Standards through Best Practices of the Department of Management Studies. The vision is to establish a standardized process to deliver in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner a superior quality higher education in business management.

It is our goal to ensure that a business management student today will be knowledge-competent and ethical for throughout his/her career and that he/she will then extend these core knowledge competencies and ethical values to tomorrow when he/she becomes a business executive or a corporate leader. To this end, SCAP represents a single and collective voice for the entire Business Management Students, which symbolizes self-regulation and self-discipline.

With the above in mind the students are continuously encouraged to participate in various departmental, Inter-departmental and inter-college activities. They are supported to bring the class room knowledge to the real world through the annual event Calibre. To be self-dependent and self-sufficient they are also encouraged to arrange and execute departmental activities with the guidance of their faculty members. In order to inculcate the value of social inclusion these professional students must compulsorily undergo a weeklong social outreach programme in a remote village. Their annual event Tata Memorial Seminar is designed to make them professionally competent through research and paper presentation. The biannual departmental magazine, Evolve, help the students develop their writing skills.


Faculty Animators

1. Dr.DipankarRudra
2. Mr.DhiroduttaDubbha
3. Mr. Patrick Johnson
4. Mr.AnirbanGhosh
5. Mr.RupamMajumdar
6. Mrs.Debarti Deb