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Student Council is a body of students to promote quality in student life within and outside the College. It is a democratic support system for holistic development of the students and will work in consonance with the respective departments/clubs /groups of the College with their faculty support. The Student Council will report to and will function with the general supervision of the principal or his nominee.


1. To inculcate among the students the vision and mission of the College
2. To identify, assess, evaluate and suggest the student perspectives in the development of Arts & Culture, Sports & Games, and other co-­curricular activities
3. To identify and suggest methods of improving student life – conduct & discipline
4. To assess and improve the potential for student placements
5. To promote an environment for healthy and effective use of student facilities
6. To support and promote the different clubs and groups
7. To encourage and initiate inter-departmental projects
8. To encourage volunteerism as a movement in the College.
9. To propagate and promote the ‘alma mater movement’

A Class Representative (CR) for each class will be nominated/elected at the beginning of the year. The CR will assist the HoDs, Campus Coordinators, Dean and Vice-Principal in their relations with the class in such matters as the collection and returning of daily attendance registers/sheets at lectures, written exercises, conveying of notices and helping in general to maintain the tone and discipline of the college. Their fellow students will give them the respect and obedience due to them and strive to help in fulfilling their duties.

All students will join one or the other clubs/groups and participate actively in promoting a vibrant campus life. The Student Council consists of the CRs/Club & group leaders and is entrusted with maintaining order and promoting active co-operation among all members of the college community. The president, vice president, secretary, joint secretary, treasurer and joint treasurer (core members of Student Council) elected from among the CRs, club leaders and association leaders shall represent all the batches. They shall foster interest and participation in college activities with shared responsibility.

The Principal may dissolve an unsatisfactory and inefficient Student Council or change individual office bearers who do not conform to the College rules or in any way prove unworthy of the office they hold. Election of the student council shall be done by the leaders of the different groups. The eligibility criteria are based on the overall performance of the students.

Student Council 2021-2022 (SCS)

1. President – Riwaj Diyali, 5th Sem, Mass Com & Journalism (Hons)
2. Vice-President – Simon Dorjee Dukpa, 5th Sem, BSW (Hons)
3. Secretary – Tithi Banerjee, 3rd Sem, BSW (Hons)
4. Joint Secretary – Niketan Nirowla, 1st Sem, BCA (Hons)
5. Treasurer – Saloni Pradhan, 5th Sem, B. Com (Hons)
6. Joint-Treasurer – Nikita Gupta, 3rd Sem, BCA (Hons)

Student Council 2021-2022 (SCSC)

1. President – 
2. Vice-President – 
3. Vice-President – 
4. Secretary – 
5. Joint Secretary – 
6. Joint Secretary – 
7. Treasurer – 
8. Joint-Treasurer – 
9. Joint-Treasurer –