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Over the time, it was realized that Salesian College should have its Gender policy formally written, approved and publicized so that it not only gives direction for the institution in practice, but also holds the institution accountable. It also comes from the understanding that, inequality between men and women is deep rooted and it is manifested in discrimination against women in different forms. To whatever extent, one might be sensitive; it needs conscious and continuous efforts to achieve and preserve a balanced environment both at institutional level and also in work with the partners at department level. The Indian constitution provides equality before law for women under Article 14 and Article 15 prohibits discrimination on the grounds of religion, race, caste, sex, place of birth. Framing a Gender policy is a commitment towards those efforts and striving to be in accordance with our Constitution. The overall effort is to provide an enabling environment for women within the institution, and thereby strengthening the gender sensitivity among students and staff.

Objectives of Gender Policy:

  • To explicitly state the institutional commitment towards gender sensitivity.
  • To provide a direction towards building gender equality.
  • To provide a framework for effectively integrating gender concerns into the institutional agenda and educational policy domain
  • To create equal opportunities and a conducive environment for women and men at work place
  • To promote equal representation and participation of women in decision making at the professional/programmatic and administrative levels.