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The Salesian Research Centre, set up in 2010 as part of the decadal growth and interface with the local communities of scholars in the Salesian College Sonada Campus, endeavours to promote and facilitate research of the highest standards in the Darjeeling, North Bengal region. The Centre encourages research in all disciplines and areas with a view to connecting scholars in the region with the wider academic world and also by opening up the region to scholars from other parts of the country and the world. It also aims at furthering an understanding of the North Bengal region by encouraging research in its various aspects. The Centre is actively engaged in providing a platform for the discussion of new trends in research through regular interdisciplinary or discipline centric workshops, seminars and conferences. It regularly hosts visiting national and international fellows and academicians.

1) Salesian Research Centre shall be an extension/outreach programme of Salesian College coordinated from both its campuses.
2) The committee of coordination of the Research Centre shall consist of a Director and a team selected from among the permanent staff holding/perusing a PhD degree and minimum of five years teaching/research experience.
3) The management of finances and its moveable and immovable property shall be the responsibility of the College after due consideration of the proposals made by the coordination/purchase committee.
4) The Committee shall meet at least thrice a year to plan and evaluate the progress of the activities of the Research Centre which include Publication.

  • Enhance the intellectual capital of the teaching community of the region
  • Generate locally relevant knowledge for policy making and societal transformation
  • Promote and further a spirit and culture of research in the region
  • Facilitate research into lesser known communities, disadvantaged groups and cultures of the region
  • Further and promote inter and trans-disciplinary research in the region.
  • Build a research community by providing research facilities to scholars
  • Bring together scholars doing research on Darjeeling, North Bengal and surrounding regions.
  • Provide a hub for scholars from the region doing research in overlapping areas.
  • Collaborate with groups and individuals seeking research opportunities in the region.
  • Promote research capabilities in the location specific disadvantaged institutions of higher education.
  • Bring the available resources from various governmental and non governmental agencies across the country and in different parts of the world for research related activities.
  • The Salesian Research Centre welcomes research proposals in all disciplines and areas (Sciences, arts and humanities) from students, faculty members and independent research scholars.
  • It encourages research in the social, economic, geographic, historical and other aspects of the North Bengal and surrounding region.
  • Special focus on the literature and culture of the region encompassing the visual and performative arts and traditions of its diverse communities.
  • Encourages interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary research proposals.


Research in Translation studies in collaboration with the Salesian Translation Centre.


Fr (Prof) George Thadathil, Principal, Salesian College


Fr Tomy Augustine sdb


1. Dr Gunjeet Aurora
2. Dr Dipankar Rudra
3. Dr Suvradip Dasgupta
4. Dr Bhawana Khati
5. Fr Dr Saju P.T, sdb
6. Mr Privat Giri
7. Mr Vasudeva Naidu


1. Mr Bikash Sharma
2. Dr Terence Mukhia

IFCU Project Director

1. Fr Dr George Chepakathinal, sdb

Field Investigator

1. Ms Helena Lepcha

Mindfulness Research Project 
Chief Investigator  

1. Dr Parimita Dutta Rej


1. Fr Prof George Thadathil, sdb


1. Dr James Chacko, sdb

contact for more details principal@salesiancollege.net

1) Office space /Website
2) Work station for the fellows/scholars admitted on specific tasks for the duration as shall be specified in the admission contract for research fellowship
3) Library and access to Inflibnet Digital Resources of NLIST Consortia
4) Internet Facility
5) Reprography
6) Special assistance for the Other-abled

The Research Centre will provide professional and research development support through:

  1. Seminars
  2. Workshops
  3. Mentoring
  4. Semester Research Exchange Sessions
  5. Applications for a series of three grants : LoGroi, Vincent and Lourdes (named after the former Rector/Principal of the College)

List of Seminars till date


Grant Details

Target Group

  • Mid-level or junior research cum teaching faculty of Salesian College
  • Mid-level Junior research cum Teaching Faculty of an institution in the North Bengal/North East/Sikkim/ Nepal/Bhutan/ Myanmar region


  • Age below 35 years and with minimum two years of teaching experience
  • Service in the institution application is submitted till the completion of the research
  • Recommendation from the Head of the Institution.


6 months or one-year (as applicable).

Grand Amount

5000 INR


As a recipient of the Salesian College Internal Funding Scheme, the selected candidate will be required to:

  • Contribute to one research exchange session, and
  • Submit one final report within 2 months of the completion of the proposed project, (with an executive summary that can be used for inclusion in the Research Centre Archive; evidence of the project outcome (paper, event, program); and an outline of next steps).


  • Access to the Salesian College Library
  • Workspace?
  • Student Research Intern for 20 hours. Where applicable, a Senior Faculty Mentor can also be requested and assigned.
  • Upon completion of the project, inclusion in a research showcase at the Salesian Library Research Gallery.
  • Assistance in expanding the proposal into a proposal suitable for an external grant application.

Selection Procedure

The Selection will be based on

  1. The quality of the proposed research/activity (Criteria are outlined in the application form).
  2. The likelihood of completing the project activities in the proposed time frame, and
  3. The potential of the proposed project to further the production of knowledge, creation, and/or practice to the local community or society-at-large.


If selected, the candidate’s project title and name will be listed on the Research Center Webpage.


September 30, December 31, March 30

Application Procedure

Submit the proposal in a pdf file to Director, Salesian Research Centre.

Post-award Project Change Requests:

Should project changes need to be made to the awarded proposal, these changes must be submitted in writing and approved before the allocated funding can be requested.


  1. Refund of Money sanctioned if withdrawn and unutilized.
  2. Submission of work accomplished to date along with expenditure.
  1. All books/resources purchased for the grant will be retained by the Research Centre.
  2. The project shall not be carried on to another institution or for reapplication to another agency.

Upcoming Events


‘Diving In: Designing a Research Project’ facilitated by Prof. KantaKochhar-Lindgren, Research Consultant, on 10 October 2020

‘Education across borders: Research and Fellowship Opportunities’by Dr. Amit Ranjan, Assistant Professor, NCERT on 10 November 2020 via Google Meet

 ‘Research and Publication Opportunities’ by Dr. Amit Sarwal, Senior Lecturer, University of South Pacific, Fiji on 5 December 2020 via Google Meet



Project summary

The RESIDE (Residential building energy demand reduction in India) project will help support the improvement of living conditions for millions of Indian citizens through establishing the knowledge base to develop a residential building code for high quality, low-energy housing across all five climatic zones in India.

The project brings together an interdisciplinary team of architects, engineers, digital scientists, urban planners and behavioural researchers to assess all aspects of the residential energy use problem, including performance of the building fabric; in-home appliances including heating, ventilation and air conditioning; indoor environment and occupant behaviour.

The project is led by Professor Rajat Gupta of Oxford Brookes University. The RESIDE India team is led by Principal Investigator, Dr Vishal Garg, from IIIT Hyderabad and Co-investigator, Prof Jyotirmay Mathur, from MNIT Jaipur, and the University of the West of England, Bristol (Dr Sonja Dragojlovic-Oliveira, Department of Architecture and Built Environment, Dr Tim Chatterton and Dr Emily PrestwoodAQMRC).

Project details

Funding bodies: Government of India’s Department of Science and Technology (DST); EPSRC and ESRC; as part of the Research Councils UK (RCUK) Energy Programme on Energy demand reduction in the Built Environment as part of the Joint India/UK Newton Bhabha Fund.

Collaborators: Oxford Brookes University; IIIT Hyderabad; MNIT Jaipur; and UWE Bristol.

Dates: 1 November 2017 – 31 October 2021.