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Salesian College Sonada (SCS), Darjeeling a Don Bosco Institution established in 1938 is the first college under University of North Bengal and entire northeast India to operate a Community Radio. Other neighbouring Community Radio stations are run by universities in Kolkata (Jadavpur) and Guwahati (KK Handique Open University & Gauhati University). The SCS web radio was launched on 28 October 2016 as a Diwali gift to Nepali people all over the world.

The SCS Principal Dr George Thadathil and his team initiated the process to obtain wireless operating license for the radio station way back June 2012. With due permission for Wireless Operation, the official broadcast of Radio SALESIAN 90.8 FM was launched on 8th December 2016.

Radio SALESIAN 90.8 FM broadcast can be heard live in parts of Darjeeling and Siliguri as well as Kurseong, Mirik, Salugora, Sonada, Sukna, Pashupati (Nepal), Sukiapukuri, Balsun Valley and several other places.




Fr. C.M. Paul
Radio Salesian
Salesian College Sonada
Darjeeling, 734209, W. Bengal
Call / SMS / Whatsapp : +91 90076 26301
E-mail: radiosalesian@gmail.com / cmpaul53@gmail.com


Samir Chhetri
Radio Salesian
Salesian College Sonada
Darjeeling, 734209, W. Bengal
SMS / Whatsapp : +91 80163 64484 (Airtel) / +91 89183 43658 (Jio)
E-mail: radiosalesian@gmail.com​


Major Partners

1. Salesian College Sonada
2. Don Bosco School Bandel
3. Don Bosco School Kathihar
4. Don Bosco School Liluah
5. Don Bosco School Malbasey
6. Don Bosco School Oodalabari
7. Don Bosco School Park Circus
8. Don Bosco School Siliguri


Good Will Partners

1. Tejprasarini Mumbai
2. Diocese of Darjeeling
3. Don Bosco School Mirik
4. DB Tech India
5. Church Art Kolkata
6. Kiran Tom


Media Partners

1. Salesian TV
2. DCCN Himali Television
3. Darjeeling TV

Radio SALESIAN 90.8 FM broadcast can be heard worldwide on web radio and LIVE in parts of Darjeeling and Siliguri as well as Kurseong, Mirik, Salugora, Sonada, Sukna, Pashupati (Nepal), Sukiapukuri, Balasun Valley and several other places. Grab the introductory offer – it’s a onetime offer. The advertisement tariff rate is applicable only from December. Those who book early in October-November will have bonus air time.


If you have an event coming up. Why not tell us know about it?
SMS / Whatsapp on +91 80163 64484 (Airtel) / +91 79080 74156 (Jio)
Email :  radiosalesian@gmail.com



Darjeeling Radio Salesian (90.8) – The Voice of the Hills – based out of Salesian College Sonada, has been selected as a partner in raising awareness about COVID-19 in a national project sponsored by UNICEF.

Titled “Mission Corona”, the five-month initiative will feature a 25-minute weekly programme in Nepali language that will focus on issues related to the usage of masks, home quarantine, physical distancing, building the immune system, and elderly care, among others.

“During this unprecedented public health emergency, as community radio, we can inform and educate people on the impending danger of the pandemic through ‘Mission Corona,’” says station director, Father C.M. Paul.

With a transmitter that caters to a radius of over 15 kilometers across tea plantations around the college, the listeners are mostly based in Kurseong, Sonada, entire Balasun Valley, and bordering towns of Nepal like Pashupati, Illam, Kakrabitta and Birtamore.

Radio Salesian is also available 24/7 on web radio worldwide through the App “Listen2MyRadio”.

Radio Salesian, established in 2016, broadcasts 12 hours daily (8 am to 8 pm) and was named as a partner in Mission Corona by the Community Radio Association, New Delhi.

Radio Salesian is the first college-based community radio in North Bengal and the entire northeast India. It is also the only Nepali language broadcasting community radio in India.

UNICEF has been reaching out to public service broadcasters globally, through community radio stations, with each partner allowed to tailor the topics according to local requirements, on COVID-19 prevention.

Five local radio journalists are part of the production team, led by Program Coordinator RJ Samir.

“Besides the scheduled Covid-19 programs, from 1st of July we are hosting four hours of live show to reach out to local people in real time and educate them on scientific viewpoints on myths about diseases, and also create awareness on preventive measures,” says RJ Samir.

Radio Salesian programming will also look at nutrition and hygiene aspects as well as a poster campaign through social media.

RJ Smriti

Radio Salesian 90.8 FM (estd 2016) is offering all college faculty under North Bengal University the opportunity to teach through the medium of radio, web radio and podcast. We are extending our invitation to all 64 colleges under NBU so that we could reach out to over 1.13 lakh students.
Short lessons could be prepared in English language both for Under Graduate and Post Graduate NBU syllabus for 2nd and 4th semester students. The duration could be 10 to 15 minutes and recorded on Voice Recorder of mobile phone could be send to RJ Samir on WhatsApp number 8918343658 for packaging for broadcast.
Voice Recording Tips

RJ Samir suggests that faculty member should introduce oneself at the start of the lesson and then mention the topic being covered in the session, and for which semester. He cautions use of WhatsApp recorder and recommends the use of preinstalled Voice Recorder App and record at high quality or select mp3. Bedroom would be the best place to record, he adds with a request to cut out swirling noise of the fan.


Radio Salesian will award certificates to faculty members belonging to NBU colleges who submit 10 or more lessons as recognition of his / her participation in the radio lessons show. University of North Bengal authorities too may consider similar mode of recognition of participants.

Duplicate Lessons

If per chance two faculty members prepare identical audio lessons, we shall upload both for the benefit of the students.

Access to Lessons

The lessons broadcast from Monday to Friday from 6.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. on 90.8 FM would be available also on Play-store App “Listen2MyRadio” (Radiosalesian) both at 6.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. and 6.00 a.m. to 7.00 a.m. the next day as well as on radio link at www.salesiancollege.ac.in and podcast at the same site.

Fr. C.M Paul


Founder, HoD of Mass Communication at Assam Don Bosco University, Guwahati, Salesian Fr. C.M. Paul was guest lecturer at the Dept of Journalism & Mass Communication (University of Calcutta)..

RJ Samir

Programming Director

Samir Chhetri from Sonada is a renowned Radio Jockey and is currently Program Coordinator & Radio Jockey at Radio Salesian 90.8 FM …

RJ Bryan

RJ/Sound Engineer

Hi, My name is Bryan Kerr and I am the Sound Engineer/RJ at Radio Salesian 90.8FM. I am also the Head of the department of Computer Applications at Salesian College, Sonada …

RJ Rejina

Senior RJ

Hello Namaste, this is RJ Rejina Rai, resident at Ringtong Sonada. I host programme ”Bal Manjari” and ”Krishi Utthan” as well as co-host live shows like ”Naulo Bihani”…

RJ Smriti

Senior RJ

Hello its me RJ Smriti Rai from Ringtong Sonada. I host programmes Sasakta Nari, Krishi Utthan as well as co-host live shows. From my schooldays …

RJ Moses

Senior RJ

RJ Dikshit