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The physical resources like land, field, gardens, forest, buildings and equipment are supervised and managed by the college bursar. He is assisted in the process by the finance committee and the purchase committee. The Individual and departmental requests for capital investments are ordinarily seen to by the Bursar and if above the set limit decided through the college coordination committee and reported to the Governing Body of the college. The major capital investments in buildings are estimated and budget proposal is submitted to and approved by Governing body and forwarded to the founder body. All constructions are done through the processes of building plan approval at the local government level as per processes prevalent in the concerned Panchayat/ corporation.

Maintenance of Physical Facilities

The Bursar with a team of members monitor the maintenance and cleanliness of the buildings, classrooms, labs, furniture, campus ground, sports facilities, staff lounge, students amenity areas, cafeteria and hostel buildings. Transport facilities are monitored and maintained by the Bursar and his support staff. Annual maintenance of all vehicles is done promptly at the end of the academic year.

Maintenance of Classrooms, Furniture and Seminar Halls and Auditorium

Classrooms with furniture and teaching aids are maintained by the respective block staff and attendants and supervised by the respective supervisor.

Seminar halls and auditorium are under the purview of the supervisors and the college electrician the cleanliness is taken care of by the housekeeping team. Effective utilisation of seminar halls and auditoria for organising academic meetings, seminars, conferences and cultural events is made. For accessing the facilities, the organising faculty/staff member submits an application to the supervisor, through HOD and Dean and the date of event is registered and the halls are accessed on priority basis.


Maintenance and Library and Library Resources

The library staff is clearly instructed in the care and handling of library documents, particularly during processing, shelving and conveyance of documents.

1. Bound volumes are not to be sorted out from their fore edges, as this process weakens the binding.
2. Shelves should not be fully packed. A too-full shelf can crack spines and cause damage when a reader tries to remove a volume. Huge volumes need to be kept flat.
3. Dust should not be allowed to deposit on the documents because the collection of dust causes staining of documents and promote chemical and biological problems. Cleaning and using vacuum should be done regularly and carefully.
4. Magnetic discs or documents containing disc(s) should not be kept open or near any magnetic or electric equipment, i.e. tape recorders, air-conditioners, etc. Such materials should be kept in a dust-free, temperature and humidity controlled room.
5. Proper pest management is done to minimize the problems caused by insects. Borax or common salt is used to prevent cockroaches. Sodium fluoride is applied to bound volumes to save them from silverfishes.
6. Spread of kerosene oil, DDT or gammaxine powder over the affected area can help in removal of termites or white ants. Proper cleaning, fumigation and exposure to sunlight to the documents are done to reduce the effect of insects in the library. Repellents are used to save materials from Rats.

Maintenance Laboratories &Lab Equipment

The laboratory assistants take care of their respective laboratories. The Heads of Departments report to the administration periodically for all the maintenance works.All major repairs are identified and external expertise sought for maintenance of equipment wherever necessary with the permission of the Bursar.

Maintenance of ICT Facilities

The annual maintenance includes the required software installation, antivirus and up gradation. To minimise e-waste, electronic gadgets like projectors, computers, printers, photocopiers are serviced and reused. Campus Wi-Fi is maintained by respective campus computer lab technicians.

Maintenance of Sports and Games Facility

The sports equipment, fitness equipment, ground and various courts in both the campuses are supervised and maintained by the Sports in Charge and Faculty members of Physical Education Department respectively.Ground level maintenance is done annually during vacation in addition to the seasonal maintenance done during the game seasons. Grounds men, vendors of Sports goods and students of Physical Education jointly maintain the sports equipment. Gymnasium and playgrounds are maintained by the staff of the Department of Physical Education.

Maintenance of Campus Cleanliness

Cleaning of the campus areas in both campuses including the academic and administrative buildings is performed daily in the morning before the regular classes begin with the help of the housekeeping team. Toilets are cleaned thrice every day. The whole campus area is maintained by the housekeeping supervisor.

Maintenance of other amenities

The campuses are equipped with 24/7 safe and adequate drinking water supply using water purifiers under Annual Maintenance Contractor. Fire extinguishers are installed in various blocks and are maintained by the respective block supervisors.

Annual Stock Checking

Annual stock checking of furniture, lab equipment, stationery, ICT facilities, sports items and all assets and reporting of repairs is done by designated supervisor as a year ending activity and the consolidated report is submitted to the administration to take up necessary actions if required.

Replacement of Equipment/ Electronics /Computers

The maintenance comprises actions that are carried out to replace worn out assets. To avoid e – waste the outdated electronics /computers are put on buy back as per norms and new items are procured.

Emergency Maintenance

Day to day maintenance includes daily running repairs, like replacing light bulbs, repairing water leakages – leaking water pipes, taps, valves and cisterns, cleaning blocked drains, repairing locks and door handles and other minor repairs that necessitate day to day maintenance checks are taken care of by the Bursar and his team members.