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Salesian College Sonada/Siliguri Libraries serve the information needs of the College community, the scholarly world, and the locals. The resources and services of the Libraries have been assembled to meet the specific needs of the members of the college community. The mission of the Libraries is based on the dual goals of providing access to information while ensuring preservation of library resources and collections. In achieving these goals, the Libraries will ensure access for all users who need information while implementing appropriate standards to provide for the preservation of library materials and resources. Individual users share access to the finite resources of the Salesian Libraries with all other users.

1Quality Researchin Literacy & Science EducationMack C. Shelley II
2Globalisation,Education andSocial JusticeJoseph ZajdaEDUCATION
3Quality and Inequality of EducationJaap DronkersEDUCATION
4Conflict Resolution and Peace EducationCandice C. Car terEDUCATION
5Curriculum, Community, and Urban School ReformBarry M. FranklinEDUCATION
6Principals in Succession(Transfer & Rotation inRobert E. WhiteEDUCATION
7School Dropout and CompletionStephen LambEDUCATION
8Agatha Christie Investigating FemininityMerja MakinenENGLISH
9Kipling and Beyond Patriotism, Globalisation and
Caroline Rooney &Kaori Nagai

10Postcolonialism and Science FictionJessica LangerENGLISH
11Shakespeare and the Truth of LoveJames P. BednarzENGLISH
12The Return of England in English LiteratureMichael GardinerENGLISH
13The French Revolution & the Creation of BenthamismCyprian BlamiresHISTORY
14Studies in Settler Colonialism Politics, Identity & CultureFiona BatemanHISTORY
15The Emergence ofRussian LiberalismJulia BerestHISTORY
16Liberal Imperialism in EuropeMatthew P. FitzpatrickHISTORY
17Napoleon and the RevolutionDavid P. JordanHISTORY
18Earth and Life Global Biodiversity, Extinction Intervals
and Biogeographic Perturbations Through Time
John A. TalentPOL.SC
19International Politics in Times of ChangeNikoloas TzifakisPOL.SC
20Justice & Conflicts Theoretical and Empirical ContributionsElisabeth KalsPOL.SC
21The Art of Deliberating Democracy, Deliberation & the Life Sciences between History and TheoryGiovanni BonioloPOL.SC
22Comparative Political LeadershipLudger HelmsPOL.SC
23Nationalism and Human RightsGrace ChengPOL.SC
24Political Parties and Democracy ContemporaryTakashi Inoguchi &Jean BlondelPOL.SC
25Adolescents & Risk Behaviours, Functions and Protective FactorsRichard JessorPSYCHOLOGY
26Disability and Aging DiscriminationRichard L. WienerPSYCHOLOGY
27Parental Involvement in Childhood EducationGarry HornbyPSYCHOLOGY
28Personality and PsychopathologyCraig PiersPSYCHOLOGY
29Positive Psychology as Social ChangeRobert Biswas-DienerPSYCHOLOGY
30Psychological and Political Strategies for Peace NegotiationFrancesco AquilarPSYCHOLOGY
31Anxiety and Depression in Children and AdolescentsThomas J. HubertyPSYCHOLOGY
32Cognitive and Rational-Emotive BehaviorTherapy with CouplesAnn VernonPSYCHOLOGY
33Pediatric and Adolescent ConcussionJennifer Niskala AppsPSYCHOLOGY
34Statistical Methods in NeuropsychologyDavid Aaron MaroofPSYCHOLOGY
35Atmosphere and Climate Studies by Occultation MethodsUlrich FoelscheGEOGRAPHY
36Atmospheric Boundary LayersA. BaklanovGEOGRAPHY
37Drought AssessmentR.NagarajanGEOGRAPHY
38Encounters and Engagementsbetween Economic &Cultural GeographyBarney WarfGEOGRAPHY
39System Theory inGeomorphologyKirsten von ElverfeldtGEOGRAPHY
40Urban Growth Analysisand Remote SensingBasudeb BhattaGEOGRAPHY
41Sustainable Rural and Urban EcosystemsGunther GellerGEOGRAPHY
42Financial EconomicsThorsten HensECONOMICS
43International Trade Policies & Climate Change GovernanceP. K. RaoECONOMICS
44Unemployment and Inflation in Economic CrisesMichael CarlbergECONOMICS
45Equilibrium and EvolutionNeil HartECONOMICS
46Modern Money TheoryL. Randall WrayECONOMICS