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Salesian College takes utmost care in the overall safety of its students inside the laboratory or classroom. The following regulations are enforced in the laboratories of all practical based programs (B.Sc. – Physics, Computer Science, B.A – Geography, Psychology, Mass Communication and BCA program) of Salesian College. At the time of admission/orientation, students have to acknowledge that they have received, read, and understood the following general rules, to adhere strictly.

1. No students will be permitted in the laboratory without an instructor. No visitors are permitted.

2. All experiments/practicals performed in the laboratory must be approved by the instructor following the safety guidelines, if any, provided. Touching/ working on any other authorized instruments, equipment, setups is strictly prohibited.

3. Replacing, swapping, or moving any equipment; Downloading, installing, removing, modifying software on the computers; Browsing the Internet for non-lab related information is strictly prohibited.

4. Eating and drinking are not permitted in the laboratory unless having a medical condition already notified to the instructor.

5. Students will not be permitted on the laboratory with bare-feet, sandals, or shoes that do not provide toe-coverage. However, the labs where dust is an enemy and carpeted students are not allowed to enter with shoes or sandals.

6. When working with hazardous materials, glassware, heat, and/or chemicals, always wear face shields, gloves or safety glasses as instructed and under the surveillance of instructor.

7. Personal belongings must be kept outside the working area and the aisle must be kept open all the times.

8. All the equipment must be placed in the place and state as it was when you entered the lab. The working area must be free of debris.

9. Any unsafe conditions, unusual odours, personal injuries must be immediately reported to the instructor.

10.Students must know the evacuation routes, lab emergency safety procedures, and emergency phone numbers (pasted on specified places in the laboratory). In case of emergency, the students must switch off any running equipment and follow the standard laboratory safety procedures.

11.The student must accept responsibility and pay for any damage s/he causes to any equipment in the laboratories.

12. Silence should be maintained by all inside all the laboratories, except when instructors permit otherwise.

13. Adhere strictly to any other additional information provided by the instructors of respective departments.

14.Students who do not follow the laboratory safety rules will be suspended from the laboratory and from college on further non-compliance.

15. In addition to what is mentioned above following need to be followed in a computer lab

a) To help ensure the smooth operation of the computer labs the following activities are strictly prohibited
– Removal of documentation, software, or equipment
– Commercial use and personal business interests
– Account sharing
– Waste, misuse, or abuse of information technology resources
– Making information technology resources inaccessible or compromising the integrity thereof through malicious destruction or alteration
– Compromising the security, rights, or privacy of the college, people, or their information technology resources
– Transmitting information that promotes personal political beliefs, violates college’s nondiscrimination policies, or promotes unlawful activities
– Illegal reproduction of music, movies or other copyrighted material
– Downloading of films, songs, videos
– Use off personal emails, social networking sites
– Playing games
– Fiddling with the ‘Control Panel’ installed in the Computers

b) Use the hardware and software properly.

c) Respect the privacy of other users; do not try to access any files that belong to other users

d) Respecting other users who want to be in a quiet environment that is free of interruptions. (i.e.: no cell phone use in the labs)

e) Back up your own data and protecting your own information if it is required for further use.

f) Students should log off before switching off the computers.

The Lab Supervision Committee of the College Shall Consist of the following for the Year 2020-21:

Mr. Dhriodutta Subba

Mr. Patrick Johnson

Mr. Bipul Chettri

Mr. Anil Kiro

Mr. Cyril Singh

Mr. Bryan Kerr

Ms. Priyadarshini Pradahan

Mr. Samir Chettri

Mr. S. Alfred Dewan

Mr. Bruno Thapa