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Student Welfare Policy

1. Policy Statement

Salesian College recognizes that all students have an entitlement to a coherent high quality student support and welfare offer that identifies concerns and puts in place appropriate support mechanism in order to facilitate the achievement of their goals. The College is committed to keeping students safe and removing the barriers to learning, ensuring that all students can achieve their full potential through the provision of appropriate care, guidance and support interventions that are recorded and monitored for effectiveness thereby living the mission and vision of the college. The college acknowledges that student welfare and student learning outcomes are inextricably linked. The College in supporting student welfare promotes high standard of discipline and behaviour of students by ensuring that they follow a code of conduct that fosters and maintains a positive image of the college. The code of conduct treats behavioral problems in a manner that relates to the educational purposes of the College.

1.1. Purpose

The main purpose of this policy is to provide a framework for attending to students’ welfare needs individually and collectively by creating an environment in the college in which all can live, work, and learn together in peace and harmony. The policy is designed to provide assistance and guidance that develops students into good and honest citizens while at the same time dealing with behavior or actions that may be inconsistent with college policies.

Through this policy the college seeks to provide an environment where students can:
1) Experience free intellectual enquiry
2) Express themselves freely
3) Feel that their rights and responsibilities are respected and their needs are met

1.2. Policy Objectives

This Policy aims at addressing students’ needs and behavioral issues at the College by:
a) Ensuring that students behave within the standards set out in the Students Code of Conduct.
b) Promoting an equitable, quality learning environment in which students are able to perform to the best of their ability.
c) Creating an environment where students relive their commitment to treat staff and fellow students with courtesy, respect and care.
d) Promoting adherence to the highest standards of behavioural and discouraging all forms of “misconduct”.
e) Establishing and outline an objective, unbiased process for the application, evaluation, approval and disbursement of the benevolent assistance.
f) Providing eligibility requirements and criteria for receiving assistance for concession.

1.3. Legal and Regulatory Framework

Policy is formulated within in the ambit of the following policies of the Government, UGC, University and the College policies

1) Constitution and Child Right policy of India
2) Salesian College Statutes & Personnel Policy
3) Salesian College library policy
4) Salesian College Social Media Policy
5) Salesian College Sexual Harassment Policy
6) Salesian College Gender Policy
7) Student Rules and Regulations
8) University Policy
9) UGC & College Anti ragging Policy
10) College Lab policy