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Emergency Faculty Meeting

Date: 16/03/2020
Day: Monday
Time: 09.30 A.M
Venue: A.V Hall (Room No 301)

1. Total number of Faculty Members: 37
2. Total number of Faculty Members Present: 35
3. Total number of Faculty Members Absent: 2

Faculty Present: Members Present:

Fr. (Dr) George Thadathill, Br. P.A joseph, Fr. (Dr) Tommy Augustine, Fr. Jagjivan Tirkey, Fr. C.M Paul, Dr. Terrance Mukhia, Dr. Deepjoy Katuwal, Mr. Privat Giri, Mr. Prashant Rai, Ms. Sradha Pradhan, Mr. Pawan Rai, Ms. Jessica M Nyass, Ms. Sumina Chettri, Ms. Nomu Sherpa, Mr. Samip Sinchuri, Mr. Prayash Rai, Mr.Uday Mall, Mr. Manoresh Thapa, Mr. Nikhil Pradhan, Ms Sreha Agrawal, Mr Rakesh Saibo, Mr Dhirendra Pradhan, Ms Sneha Manger. Mr. K Vasudeva Naidu, Mr. Pukar Tamang, Ms Sophia Rai, Ms. Joshna Joy. Mr. Rahul Pradhan, Ms. Shruti Chettri, Ms. Deborah Shreya Khaiba, Ms. Manisha Thami, Mrs. Prayana Subba, Ms. Priyadarshani Pradhan, Ms. Roshanara Khatun, Ms. Priyanka Lama

Meeting was called by Br. P.A Joseph (Vice Principal), and was chaired by Fr Principal George Thadathill.

In the beginning of the meeting Vice Principal Br. P.A Jose screened Precautionary Caution video on CVOID – 19 (Coronavirus) and Fr. Principal lead the prayer for people around the globe affected by Coronavirus and also requested the faculty present to take care of them and their families including students. He also informed the house that following the directives from Central Government, State Government and Local Authority Classes has been suspended from 16th March 2020 – 31st March 2020.

Points to be Highlighted of 16th March 2020 Meeting:
1. Though classes will be remained suspended till 31st of March 2020, Fr. Principal requested all faculty to co – operate college administration in case of any help needed.
2. He also instructed all faculty to create one PDF file that includes ERP and other documents needed for CAS.

Br. Vice Principal laid following instruction to faculties:
1. Intimate students about the topics that will be covered during the next two weeks – handholding will be required by providing notes. Support and References – this will be assessed on the first day of class
through a test.
2. Correction of all answer scripts to be done and marks sent to examination committee coordinator. Those who have failed (in concerned subjects) needs to be intimated separately and told to prepare
for retest as soon as the colleges reopens. Question paper for the same need to be prepared.
3. Complete all AQAR related work.
4. Your own article for the SCS SPEAKS and by a few students from your department need to be got ready during these days.
5. Learn how to conduct online classes – using webinar, Google Hangout etc.
6. B.C.A in – charge Mr. Nikhil Pradhan briefed the house regarding MOODLE, online platform for conducting classes for upcoming two weeks.
7. Fr. Principal informed the house that student’s response in WhatsApp’s group will not be recorded or is impossible to record so it is mandatory for both Faculty and Students to use MOODLE for online

Meeting ended with tea for all faculties, to be followed by Departmental Planning of each Department.

Minutes written by: Mr. Prashant Rai
Approved By: Fr. Dr. George Thadathill