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Salesian College has a Research and Publication Centre at Sonada for both the campuses. It aims to promote and coordinate research activities undertaken by both faculty and students. This is done by holding regular National and international Seminars and Research Scholars’ workshops in collaboration with other agencies/ universities/colleges. Members of the faculty are encouraged to work as guides/supervisors for doctoral and post-doctoral research scholars, to prepare and present papers, write article, edit the Salesian Journal of Humanities and publish books. Every department is encouraged to prepare and undertake research projects under various funding agencies including UGC-STRIDE. The faculty guides students of respective departments to engage in minor research projects and organize departmental seminars. The college also offers its facilities and resources to research scholars doing their doctoral or post-doctoral research.

All research activities of the college and those undertaken by its faculty are governed by the following guidelines which may be revised as and when the management deems it necessary. All research undertakings should have the explicit permission of the management. The management shall be kept updated on the progress of research activities through periodic reports.

Full-time Research:

1) Those who intend to be full time research scholars must notify the management three (3) months in advance.
2) They should apply for Research leave on the format available at the college office as per the Personnel Policy.
3) On being granted Research scholarship/Fellowship they shall notify the management of the same in writing mentioning clearly the amount granted and the duration.
4) Such persons may be granted leave for doctoral/post-doctoral research without pay.
5) On completion of their PhDprogramme, they may be reabsorbed if and when a vacancy occurs, if they were non-permanent members of the faculty.

Part-time Research:

1) Those who intend to pursue part-time research must seek permission of the management before applying for admission to PhD programme under university/competent institution.
2) On being granted admission they should notify the management.
3) They shall in no way compromise on the quality or regularity of their service to the college.
4) Every semester they may be granted not more than five 5 days research leave on request. Additional leave may be granted without pay on written request.
5) Every semester the part-time research scholar shall submit in writing a progress report on the status of his/her research.
6) They shall compulsorily attend seminars/workshops organized on either campuses.
7) They shall present papers at the Research scholars’ workshop organized by the college.
8) Research scholars may avail themselves of research funding of the college as per availability. Such funds should be used exclusively for research activities such as attending seminars/workshop, and travel for research. A written account of it with proper invoice should be submitted to the Accounts section of the college office and/or to the Internal Auditor.