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Named after the first rector of the Salesian College Sonada mother campus, Father Archimedes Pianazzi (1938-1940), the Pianazzi Literary Society began its journey in July, 2018. In early 2020, it was renamed as Pianazzi Literary & Cultural Society.

Humanities, even life itself, without literature is like a body without a soul. The objective of PLCS is to provide a platform for the critical appreciation of the myriad forms of art beyond the classroom, and in a more informal setting.

It aims to establish a thriving intellectual campus culture, that could one day rival the best arts colleges in the country, with weekly, fortnightly, and monthly events of individual, club wise, course wise, and inter-college activities to promote a healthy appetite for reading, encourage wholesome competitive spirit, and learn being a team player for the sake of the craft via all the team participation literary events it facilitates and helps prepare for.

The student members will participate in and help organize a variety of programmes and spreads awareness with respect to the evolution of literature through different ages, schools of thought, and mediums; and the way literature influences and in turn gets influenced by social, historical and economic forces.PLCS also endeavours to organize guest lectures and workshops to equip students with skills and connections required to build a career outside academia in other literary fields. The major activities of this group, though not limited to, are book exchange, various forms of creative writing, and peer review. These articles, poems, scripts, stories, and essays will be submitted and reviewed in order to feature in the magazine and newsletters of the college.

It also seeks to further performative arts, like skits, spoken word & slam poetry, debates & extempore, elocution, public speaking, etc., by learning from and teaching their peers while capturing unforgettable moments of camaraderie in college life.

We believe in understanding the deeper meaning of stories told via different media. We select movies and screen them, or have group book reading sessions in College, which is followed by reviewing and critiquing both, in terms of plot and technique.

We study drama theory and train in acting, scriptwriting, and playwriting via ‘do and learn’. PLCS intends to bring out the creative spirit in each member through a stimulating environment by curating their literary talents.


1. Book exchange and group reading sessions.
2. Critical reviews and discussions on artistic movies.
3. Poetry Jams.
4. In–house friendly debates, extempore, speeches, etc. for preparation and confidence building in public speaking in English.
5. A platform for sharing creative writing which will include scriptwriting and playwriting, story writing, speeches/essays
6. Peer review for said creative writing.
7. Drama, skit, mime, etc.
8. Submitting the creative writing of members for the college magazine, Sparkle.
9. Open Mic sessions (including spoken word and slam poetry).
10. Help with preparation and team formation of various intra- and inter-collegiate competitions including all the above n all Hay Fever and other literary activities.
12. Inviting renowned writers, artists, and academicians for special lectures.
13. Reaching out to the greater population of Siliguri through literary and cultural initiatives.

Dr. Suvradip Dasgupta

Mr. Anik Sarkar

The SCFS has been affiliated as the Associate Member of Federation of Film Societies of India with effect from 22 February 2019. Its primary objective is to encourage the productions and promote appreciation of films of an artistic and social values.

Fr. C.M. Paul SDB

Mr. Privat Giri

Ms. Shruti Chettri

Mr. Bruno Thapa