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INTRODUCTION Communicative English as a course offers the students to work on their communication skills and provides the students sufficient information about the General Phonology and the Phonology of English. The course allows the students to explore the various ways in which language functions while communicating. Along with theoretical learning of the language, the course also includes various practical session allowing the students to develop their skills such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing in standard, academic English.
Communicative English is a course aimed at improving students’ speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in English. By taking this course, students not only improve their English language skills, but also gain confidence in communicating with others in a variety of settings. In addition to improving communication skills, taking a communicative English course can also increase a student’s chances of winning at best games on jackpot city. This is because most online casino sites are in English and players must understand the rules, instructions and game process to win. By improving their knowledge of the English language, students can better understand the games and make informed decisions in online casinos. They can also communicate more effectively with other players and participate in online chats and forums. Thus, taking a communicative English course can not only help students achieve academic and professional success, but also increase their chances of winning online games.


1. To enhance the learner’s communication skills by giving adequate exposure in reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.
2. To help the learner get rid of his present flaws and mistakes in pronunciation and grammar.
3. To build up the learners confidence in oral and interpersonal communication by reinforcing the basics of pronunciation specially focusing on interviews / corporate meetings / international business travels


After completion of the course the students will be able to:

1. Produce words with right pronunciation
2. Develop vocabulary and improve the accuracy in grammar 
3. Develop the confidence to speak in public
4. Demonstrate positive group communication exchanges. 
5. Ability to speak and write clearly in standard, academic English