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‘Retail Management’ is one of the newest specializations of management study.

Retail means sale of goods, service & satisfaction for consumers. Management means the proper utilization of the resources.

Retail management is an integrated part of the supply chain Management. A few years back, retail has been just the selling of goods in market places, stores, door-to-door and by hand delivery. But now, the trend has been changed in the retail market. Now, the retail industries are establishing the network marketing by online shopping, through the websites and other technology, electronic payments and delivery through the courier and other services. Now, the retail management has come in the form of separate specialization. Retail management refers to an innovative and organized outlook aimed towards the function of distribution, marketing and sale of goods.

1. Store Management.
2. Advertising.
3. Customer service.
4. Sales Management.
5. Logistics Management.
6. HR Management.
7. Finance.
8. Accounting

There are different types of jobs considering a career in Retail Management, including:

1. Retail Manager.
2. Store manager or director.
3. Team leader or supervisor.
4. Store general Manager.
5. Retail buyer.
6. Merchandiser.
7. Merchandise manager or planner.
8. Analyst.
9. Supply chain distributor.
10. Marketing executive.
11. Warehouse Manager.
12. Brand Manager.
13. Customer care executive.
14. Image promoter.
15. Department Manager.
16. District Manager.
17. Pricing and Signing Coordinator.