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0353-2545622  |  99334 02478

Nature Club Report on New Executive Member Election and update of Club Notice Board

Election of New Executive member for the year 2020 – 2021 was held on 14th of February 2020 (Friday) at Room No 604.

Following Students where elected as New executive member:
1. Mr Martin Rai 2nd Semester, MCJH – President
2. Mr Gourav Subba 2nd Semester, MCJH – Vice President
3. Ms Priyanjali Subba 4th Semester, SOCIO – Secretary

Election was held under supervision of Mrs Prayana Subba and Mrs Nomu Sherpa

Name of Club Animators

1. Mr. Prashant Rai – Chief Animator
2. Mrs. Prayana Subba
3. Mrs. Nomu Sherpa
4. Ms. Kirti B.K


Notice Board Preparation March 2020

Members of Club successfully updated club notice board on 07/03/20 which displayed locally available Medicinal Plants and its medical purpose.


Following Plants were displayed on notice board:
1. Bergenia Ciliata
2. Mint
3. Centella Asiatica
4. Aloe Vera
5. Basil
6. Mug – Wort (Tite pati)
7. Rhododendron
8. Stinging Nettle Root