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8th March is internationally celebrated as the “INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY”. It is an important occasion for all of us to pause for a moment to reflect on ourselves, to appreciate how much has been done and what more needs to be done in the field of gender equality. Moreover, it is the day to acknowledge all the men and women in the world for making this world a better place for every one to live in.

On the day, every 16 BENGAL BN NCC S/W (Senior Wings) of our college, KGTM college, Siliguri college, Siliguri college of commerce, Mahila college, and the members of Adivasi committee were assembled in North Bengal Science Centre and conduct the programme. First, all the cadets were taken to exhibition room of science centre displayed 3D Movies. Afterwards, we the cadets were taken to conference hall auditorium where the founder of science centre Mr. Vipin kumar began the programme with the brief on the International Women’s day and the prominent women’s who achieved success and various Nobel prices in the history of science, which was enthusiastic for us, after which a quiz competition took place on the topic “THEGREATINDIANWOMEN” followed by the cultural programmes constituting classical Bengali dance, Adivasi folk dance and solo Hindi song about the girls based on Indian culture. The programme came to an end by distribution of prizes to the winners of quiz competition and cultural performers.