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Salesian Students Step into Enactus World of Social Entrepreneurship​

Huge differences occur with small initiatives.

The seed of the word “difference” was sown in the minds of young students which eventually took shape in the form of Cassia fistula or Enactus Salesian College, Siliguri.

It is an arm that is dedicated towards inspiring students to improve the world through entrepreneurial action. It is guided by educators, supported by business leaders and aims to make the students capable of taking an entrepreneurial approach which empowers people to be a part of their success.

It aims to be an integral part of the initiative taken up by Enactus India to undertake entrepreneurial activities which contribute to the cause of alleviating societal problems such as environmental degradation, poverty, illiteracy, racial discrimination and so on.

Project Prarambh:

Adroit to such objectives it has already started its first initiative under the title of Project Prarambh which aims to protect Mother Earth from the tormenting plastic. It aims to spread the usage of ‘kulhad’ (clay) cups all across Siliguri and eliminate the usage of plastic and paper cups. For the same purpose, kulhads have been introduced in the College canteen as well.

Project Rupyog:

Project Rupyog which is another initiative by Enactus Salesian was originally born out of Project Prarambh itself. This project ensures that the kulhads which get unintentionally broken in the process of storing or transportation don’t go wasted, but instead become a reason behind the happiness of the needy. On Diwali 2021, the broken kulhads were painted and developed into diyas and distributed among the children of one of the slums of Siliguri.

These initiatives taken up by Enactus Salesian College, Siliguri are just a few of the many that are to come with the passage of time. As we believe in the words said by Anne Frank, “How wonderful it is that nobody needs to wait for a single moment to improve the world”