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The Department of Mathematics started in Salesian College, Siliguri Campus from 2013 with a purpose to explore more pure science subjects. Pipe-lining together all the resources, this department offers variety of expertise on the subject. It aims to prepare students for fruitful research which is a demand in higher education. In a short span of time, this department has acquired a good response from the students on and off the campus.

The Department of Mathematics, Salesian College envisages empowering the students with the ability to think critically and rationally along the lines of the robustness of Mathematical logic. A sincere endeavour to prepare them for the quest for higher knowledge and experiences in the fields of both Academia and Industry with a mindset to collaborate with interdisciplinary fields for a holistic betterment of the society.

To provide relevant pedagogies and motivations
1. To provide in-depth analysis and the sense of appreciation of Mathematical concepts
2. To Foster scientific temper and encourage rational thinking
3. To provide right-based education specially to disadvantaged groups
4. To equip the students with skills for employability in the fields of both Industry and Academia

1. Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics is the culmination of in-depth knowledge of Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, Differential Equations and several other branches of Mathematics. This also leads to study of related areas like Computer Science and Statistics. Thus, this programme helps learners in building a solid foundation for higher studies in Mathematics.

2. The skills and knowledge gained has intrinsic beauty, which also leads to proficiency in analytical reasoning. This can be utilised in modelling and solving real life problems.

3. Students undergoing this programme learn to logically question assertions, to recognise patterns and to distinguish between essential and irrelevant aspects of problems. They also share ideas and insights while seeking and benefiting from knowledge and insight of others. This helps them to learn behave responsibly in a rapidly changing interdependent society.

4. Students completing this programme will be able to present Mathematics clearly and precisely, make vague ideas precise by formulating them in the language of Mathematics, describe Mathematical ideas from multiple perspectives and explain fundamental concepts of Mathematics to non-mathematicians.

5. Completion of this programme will also enable the learners to join teaching profession in primary and secondary schools.

6. This programme will also help students to enhance their employability for Government jobs, jobs in banking, insurance and investment sectors, data analyst jobs and jobs in various other public and private enterprises.