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The department of History has a rich heritage in terms of its existence in the College and its qualitative output in terms of the students who have become successful in Civil service examinations. The departments facilitates applied and contextual syllabus in the form of TTM as a COP.

The department of History, Salesian College, Siliguri Campus envisions a world of true knowledge, social initiative and responsibility. As such the Department seeks to inculcate among the students and faculty members a sense of history at the same time one’s place in history in the sense that one is responsible, productive and sharing becoming a model citizen. This beside the fact the Department has a rigorous academic programme in History based on the syllabus laid down by the University of North Bengal. The department follows dynamic pedagogy based on collaborative teaching using Chalk on Board to Information and Communication Technology. The Department envisions corroborating facts of history learned from class room through field trip to historical destinations. A programme of learning Regional and local history is envisaged through visiting various localities in the neighbourhood for 24×7 learning-teaching assistance.

The Mission of the Department is multi-pronged. Develop a wholesome collaborative pedagogy in which Teachers teach by collaborating with the students in various projects in terms of historical and heritage studies. Develop rigorous programme on History based on the undrgraduate syllabus laid down by the University of North Bengal. Engage in multi-
lateral programmes including field research, interview, literature review etc., where the students learn about their own historic and historical heritages. Engage in research documentation and sharing through various platforms to develop moral values and sense of responsibility among the students so that they grow into a model citizen.

The Objectives of the Department are as follows:

  1. 1. Create a comprehensive online course system where both faculties and students can access study materials including e-books 24×7 from across the globe accessible only to the faculty and students of the department. The process is already underway for the creation of the digital library and hopes to bring it to completion by the end of the May 2020.
  2. 2. Create a comprehensive online evaluation system where the students will be able to undertake tests, submit assignments online anytime of the day.
  3. 3. Create a 24×7 academic and counselling system by which the faculty is always able to engage with the students anywhere, anytime.
  4. 4. Create a collaborative online e-journal operated and maintained by both the students and faculties highlight in the collaborative research projects undertaken.
  5. 5. Create department library with high research journals and books in History and allied subjects along with pedagogy which will go a long way in developing the faculty.