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The Department offers B. Sc. (Computer Science Honours) and BCA (Bachelor in Computer Applications) in UG programme from the University of North Bengal. The B. Sc program started in the year 2010, and BCA in the year 2012. The Department provides support to other departments in terms of teaching subjects related to Computer Science and Information and Technology (IT) as elective subjects. It is also responsible for teaching the Computer Application subjects as part of the Career Oriented Program (COP). Apart from this, the Department maintains website/ ERP of the college (www.salesiancollege.in), provides in-house expertise for automation of College Managementthat include Admission, Attendance, Generation of Report Cards, Learning Management System, Online Fees Payment etc., and offers other technical support to the day to day usage of the computers in ICT enabled classes, labs and offices. It also takes care of conducting the University Practical Exams of B. Sc Computer Science and BCA, as and when the University designates our college as the exam centre. Further, since the college is also a study centre of IGNOU, faculties are involved in teaching BCA classes. Every semester the Department, being the nodal centre, manages BCA/ MCA practical exams of IGNOU that typically spans about three weeks.

There are partnership programs with based companies like Rosefinch Consultancy Services, Pvt. Ltd, Indian School of Anti-Hacking (ISOAH) for Cyber Security courses (for example, EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker), and Preen Infotech for Web Development and Computer Networking.

Annually, the Department conducts National Science Conference called TIST (Trends in Science & Technology), and Tech Fest ComPhyMathix for schools in and around Siliguri, together with other Science departments. It also conducts Cyber Security awareness programs for Schools & Colleges from time to time. It also conducts IT awareness program for village schools from time to time. It conducts annual picnic and Field Trips. It has its own Departmental magazine called DigiTrek.

Department has a history of producing top place holders in the University. Over the years, graduating students have gone on for further studies, and some have been placed in distinguished IT companies like Tata Consultancy Services, Fidelity Investment Services, Lucidious Technologies, and some are in other jobs including teaching.