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ICT tools give a dimension to the teaching-learning process. It simplifies and effectively aids the process of knowledge sharing between faculty and students. The college supports the endeavors of faculty and students to explore the potential of ICT and develop skills to face the challenges of an increasingly connected world in the future.

The campus is fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology to be used by the students and faculty. The college provides internet facilities to students and faculty. There are LCD projectors, laptops, speakers, cameras, interactive boards, digital boards, Smart TVs, router-managed switches, and a variety of media equipment.

The network managers and other technical staff of the college do regular maintenance and upkeep of the IT infrastructure. They ensure that the equipment is in proper working condition to be utilized effectively.

The institution offers the following ICT facilities:-

College Administrative Office: The college office is fully furnished with computers and printers. There are internet and WIFI facilities in Taverna Block (Administrative Building). The office also has accounting software and a Biometric System for faculty and students.

Language Labs: The language labs are equipped with 10 computers each, headphones, and Orell language software for use.

Technology Enabled Classrooms: There are 18 ICT-enabled smart classrooms with smart TVs, projectors, Smartboards, WIFI, and internet connection.

Seminar Halls: There are 6 seminar halls including Kallingal Hall, Marengo Hall, and Savio AV Hall with audio-video technology and a soundproofing system. Nazareth Hall and Conference Hall with audio-video technology only.

Radio Station: The Radio station for the college campus and local community is fully furnished and has the state of the art technology and equipment.

Softwares: The college has licensed versions for Corel Draw, Microsoft Office, Windows 10, ACM

E, eBliss, etc. Moodle is the primary learning management system and the college is also registered with google to avail G-Suite for Education Services.