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Cricbuzz – In this rapidly changing world who has time to set up a living room to sit and watch a cricket match? This is where Mr. Pankaj Chaparwal’s mind clicked and he came up with the idea of ​​Cricbuzz.

Founded in 2004 and merged with Go Cricket in 2014 by Times Internet, its majority shareholder, Cricbuzz is a platform that provides news, articles and live streaming of cricket matches. This includes video. Review the message player information and team rankings as well



Cricbuzz has used several creative marketing strategies to highlight its social media presence across India. One of the most recent posts they created was a show during lockdown called “Strategic TIMEOUT” which stands for a mini break. From the busy life, you can sit back and enjoy the video of the cricket star talking about the COVID-19 safety standards by practicing social distancing and mentioning the proper use of sanitizers. They say it’s not closure. But it’s just a strategic deadline! The cricketer also humorously answered all his doubts, questions and queries related to the lockdown. To make the crowd more comfortable and ensure maximum access and knowledge about both. Safety and Branding Standards Cricbuzz There are many branding and marketing strategies used by Cricbuzz, we discuss some of the above below:

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It is one of the best marketing techniques used by Cricbuzz to grab the attention of users. At first they started with TV ads showing everyday situations. And what will happen when “Cricket ka keeda” bites people. In ‘cricket ka keeda’ they aired a milk commercial. The husband threw a carton of milk at his wife’s head. They are busy watching the live scores on Cricbuzz. They also showed an ad in which a cricket fan enters a classroom wearing a towel to watch a live match on the Cricbuzz app. The company aims to have young smartphone users and cricket fans as the audience. They provide the latest updates through live match video and commentary with the option to record and rewind to watch their favorite shots again. This has helped the company attract a large number of customers to its mobile application.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube help them provide live updates of matches and share various content on their website. The company has witnessed tremendous growth in social media users who are using social media platforms mainly Youtube and Twitter to watch live scores, Cricbuzz has grown on social media platforms and reached 395,000 followers and also started posting a small video of cricket players after every match or tournament on Their channel is on YouTube and users can access these videos by searching for clips of their favorite players.

Cricbuzz has come up with a new concept of live commentary during matches. They provide commentary in two languages, Hindi and English. This gives the company a diverse audience that listens to both languages. Commenting is a way to provide timely and otherwise inaccessible information to viewers and improve their viewing experience. By providing viewers with the information they need and a clearer way to think about the game, Cricbuzz plays a very good role. They start giving their opinions and writing messages in the comment box to read later. This has helped them achieve great success in their fields of specialization.

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Cricket viewers are always thirsty for great cricket stories, so Cricbuzz has come up with an original web series called Spice Pitch, which features top cricketers narrating their stories about their life journey from the beginning of their career to becoming a successful and talented cricketer in the world. Indian team. The show is based on a cricketer reading his life in his own words. The slogan attached to the show was “Apni Kahaani, ApniZubaani”. The show was a huge hit for the Cricbuzz family as viewers loved hearing their favorite cricketers tell how and where they started and how much training, dedication and hard work it takes to get your place. Spice Pitch has helped Cricbuzz grow into a leading OTT platform that brings you the best news about the game Not only cricket, it also brings you the best news about cricket. But it is also the best entertainment on the platform for viewers.

IPL (Indian Premier League) is a big event for Indian cricket fans, but in 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, therefore, it is not certain whether the IPL will continue or not. At that time, when news of the possibility of IPL playing came out, Cricbuzz started working on a strategy to get viewers out of the lockdown boredom. So a rap song was born before IPL 2020. They made a rap song and a short video was created with the phrase “Ab Cricket Buzzega” in the video, and it showed that cricket fans started getting bored due to the external conditions. As the video reaches its climax, Cricbuzz expresses his excitement using some cricketing phrases. Which accompanies the Indian Premier League every year using the latest Cricbuzz updates and live commentary, moreover, the marketing campaign is very refreshing and gives hope to lift the morale of the viewers with the same excitement. This was before the Covid-19 outbreak with Cricbuzz

Cricbuzz is a company that focuses more on viewers and cricket. They plan their strategy according to the needs of their audience, and Cricbuzz has achieved many milestones during its journey so far. There is no doubt that each media platform has been added to the strategy to achieve great success.


Excellent! After that, complete the payment to gain access. welcome back! You have successfully logged in. You have successfully subscribed. success! Your account is now fully activated. You now have access to all content. success! Your billing information has been updated. Your invoice has not been updated. The brand was founded by 3 former Infosys employees and has gained global fame and success in many ways. In India, Cricbuzz remains one of the leading apps used by ardent cricket fans to get live scores and updates. With a net income of $7.8 million this brand has always been one of the top rated and continues to grow rapidly.

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