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Dragon Tiger Balm – Tiger Balm is known worldwide and is used as a muscle rub and is surprisingly good for insect bites. This Dragon and Tiger Balm is made with very similar ingredients and comes in a small metal tin, making it perfect to fit in your pocket or purse. You can easily carry it anywhere and keep it handy when needed. Small is about the size of a 10p piece

Dragon and Tiger Balm provides a warming effect and is a great remedy for tired, sore muscles and inflammation. Applied directly to the skin, the warming effect soothes those muscles after a hard days training and any cramps from training. The oily texture of Dragon and Tiger Balm means you have to rub it into the muscles to give it a massaging effect, so the muscles continue to help.

Dragon Tiger Balm

Dragon Tiger Balm

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X 中国上海龙虎牌风油精 Shanghai Dragon Tiger Brand Essential Balm Medicated Oil

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All the medicines and lotions sold by Enzo are traditional medicines whose original recipes date back hundreds of years. It does not replace advice from doctors or professionals, but advice from an Asian perspective as an additional source of treatment.

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The balm is amazing, the only product that actually heals breakouts. If only the containers were a little bigger and easier to open.

The rattan bow staff can be confused with the bamboo staff, and can also provide a very flexible training staff for practitioners of the Chinese martial arts of kung fu and tai chi.

The Black Dragon Kung Fu Broadsword is for those who need a solid blade for their Chinese martial arts training. Medium to heavy sword complete with scabbard

Dragon Tiger Balm

The Red Tai Chi Fan is an everyday item that can be used as a weapon. Mainly used in Tai Chi, but also Chinese Kung Fu forms of training, drills and techniques

Dragon Slayer Killing Chinese Dragon, Tiger Balm Gardens Chinese Theme Park, Singapore Stock Photo

Black Feiyu shoes are worn by Shaolin monks for Chinese Kung Fu and are also a great shoe for parkour and everyday for all martial arts.

Want to wear one of the most traditional Chinese training shoes while practicing your Tai Chi or Qi Gong? These are traditional Shaolin monk shoes worn in Shaolin temples across China.

Shaolin monk socks are about Shaolin worn by all Shaolin monks and people who practice there. Look everywhere in the Wudang area.

Want to meet your kung fu demo team for the real deal? Do you want to practice selected clothing for Shaolin monks? Shop these Gray Shaolin Dresses

Tiger Balm Gardens: A Chinese Billionaire’s Fantasy Environments: Brandel, Judith, Turbeville, Tina: 9789626720523: Amazon.com: Books

These orange shaolin robes are the real deal! Purchased from the Shaolin Temple area of ​​Henan Province, China.

Kung Fu sashes are used in different styles of Chinese martial arts to indicate different grades within a class. Styles like Shaolin, Wushu, Hung Kun, Wing Chun

This Black Tai Chi Uniform is comfortable and designed with Tai Chi practice in mind. White inner cuffs, collar and cuffs at the bottom of the trouser.

Dragon Tiger Balm